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Solid & Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation

Installation of Hardwood Floors

Let us bring the warmth and elegance of a new wood floor into your home or business!

Your installation begins with the proper selection of materials. Every job is treated individually. From the installation crew to the sales staff, we are trained to recognize the job site conditions and limitations that will affect the product that you choose. There are some products that are better suited to certain conditions than others. Our staff will guide you through the selection process and direct you to a floor that will best fit your needs and budget.

We install wood laminate flooring, prefinished wood flooring, engineered wood floors, and unfinished hardwood flooring (real “bare” solid wood floor planking).  Our wood floors are installed by our professional and experienced hardwood floor installers. If you are having trouble installing hardwood floors that you bought at a home store, call us, we can help with all types of hardwood floor installation.

WHY USE First Class Wood Flooring for your hardwood floor installation?

A hardwood floor offers the best value of any other type of flooring because of its effect on home value, cost to maintain, and lifespan. Well-maintained hardwood floors can increase the value of your home by up to 15%, and many realtors agree that hardwood flooring increases the resale price and decreases the time your house spends on the market.

Wood offers a natural and healthful alternative to carpeting for those with allergies. Carpet shows wear and stains easily, plus it can trap all types of allergans including dust, dirt, mold, dander, fur, pollen, dust mites and more. Hardwood flooring is a more natural choice and installing a hardwood floor is often more eco-friendly than synthetic fiber carpeting that needs frequent replacement. Hardwood floors will not go out of style.

We’ll help you choose your new flooring according to your space’s unique design properties and your lifestyle and budget.

engineered wood flooring installation long island nyInstallation of Engineered Wood Flooring

If your subfloor is a concrete slab, the correct floor product selection would be engineered wood flooring because the only way to install hardwood floors onto a concrete slab is the method of glue-down or floating. Solid hardwoods typically cannot be glued down because as humidity causes the flooring to expand and shrink, the solid hardwood would pull itself off the floor, despite the glue. If you are determined to use solid hardwood, there is a way around this, and that is to install plywood on top of the concrete slab, which would provide the proper subfloor for a solid hardwood floor. However, higher-end engineered flooring rivals solid woods in both price and performance.

Here are some common tasks that are part of our flooring projects:

  • solid estimates and preparation including checking on the subflooring or joists
  • changing the flooring on the stairs
  • creating a transition between different flooring levels
  • tearing out and disposing of old flooring (linoleum, tile, carpeting, etc.)
  • skilled installation
  • cleanup and removal of debris

We take all the steps to ensure your new floor is properly installed. We can even help you select the right colors and choose between stunning hardwood floor installation or easy-care laminate wood flooring with free estimates and options.

Make the goal match your budget and desire for the final result.

Avoid unexpected problems such as ripping out old flooring. The sub-flooring may be deemed in bad condition and need replacement. It’s also quite common that your new flooring may be too heavy for your joists, and extra support beams may need to be installed. Of course, not all flooring projects are complicated, some are quite straight forward. Just be aware that a flooring project may be more involved than a simple replacement.