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Commercial Flooring: Wood & Laminate Flooring Sales & Installation throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood & Laminate Commercial Flooring

First Class Wood Flooring sells and installs hardwood floors, engineered wood floors and laminate flooring to retail and commercial establishments throughout Suffolk County, Long Island.  On our commercial wood floor installations, we use a 100% polyurethane clear wood floor finish that’s especially designed for professional use and holds up well on frequently used floors. This means you’re buying wood floors that can withstand the high-volume traffic of public and retail spaces, protecting against spills, stains, and fading.

With new hardwood or laminate flooring, you create warm, inviting interiors in your retail shop, Wood or laminate flooring is ideal for restaurants, offices, and conference rooms. We have wood flooring options that provide exceptional performance for all business environments, and can cover areas of public venues like museums, libraries and auditoriums.

For major renovations and new construction, we will work with architects and builders throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Our floors are installed to offer improved resistance to dents and noise reduction.

Clients like to choose from a wide variety of laminates and durable wood types, colors, finishes, from low to medium gloss and styles, including wide plank flooring, European oak, sheen high gloss semi-gloss, rustic sheen, and median inlaid design. Our specialists will assist you with recommendations for the appropriate flooring for your business environment.

Commercial Wood & Laminate Flooring…

  • Can be installed over concrete, most subfloors and on any grade level (based on selection)
  • Easy maintenance and on-site repairs – easy to replace a single plank
  • Quiet Comfort – underlayment’s provide acoustic barriers
  • Tough & durable for high traffic volume

A First Class Wood Flooring professional will guide you through the various options and looks for your establishment.  We explain the pros and cons of the diverse materials as they would apply to your business.  The types of finishes available are reviewed and selected with your preferences, plus daily and long term upkeep and maintenance are reviewed and discussed.