Hardwood Floor Sanding and Staining in Selden, Suffolk County, Miller Place, Bayshore, Brookhaven, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Professional Staining and Sanding Services

Wooden floors are beautiful and elegant with the right care and maintenance. Your floor finish may not look as good as it once did because of normal wear and tear, but it can come back to life with professional hardwood floor sanding and staining.

First Class Wood Flooring understands the best sanding and staining techniques and recommends our refinishing services for the following reasons.

• Preservation of long-lasting wood floors (no replacement necessary)
• Simple way to create a new look, color, and style for your flooring
• Enjoy scuff-free, flawless floors again that look as good as new
• Elevates any space, and creates a professional appearance

Hardwood sanding by a professional in Brookhaven, NY

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

First Class Wood Flooring provides expert hardwood floor refinishing to restore your floors to their former glory. During their lifetime, you might be able to refinish wood floors 10 to 12 times, depending on their condition. We are skilled at refinishing prefinished hardwood flooring and hardwood floor sanding and staining, and have helped many homeowners and businesses make the most out of their floors.

The refinishing process begins with a thorough sanding, dust removal, and applying the stain of your choice. Stains achieve new looks and color options, and we follow them with a finishing layer. Our team is careful to remove any excess stain, and only creates stellar results you love.

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Refinishing Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

We can refinish wood floors, even if they are prefinished because we have the necessary experience. You will notice the removal of scratches, scuffing, and the damaged upper layer. Hardwood floor refinishing with First Class Wood Flooring means we:

  • ✓ Will always have the proper equipment on hand
  • ✓ Arrive on time and ready to work on your project
  • ✓ Stop at nothing to guarantee beautiful hardwood flooring

First Class Wood Flooring can transform your dull and worn hardwood floors with the powerful techniques of sanding, staining, and refinishing. Save money, time, and the appearance of your once-gorgeous flooring with our assistance. We proudly serve Selden, NY, and the surrounding areas, and have helped many residential and commercial property owners beautify their spaces.


Flooring is what we do, and we are glad to use our experience to offer you high-quality flooring. When you need trusted wood flooring services, count on First Class Wood Flooring. Contact us today to book a free consultation or to learn more about our excellent hardwood floor sanding and staining services!

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