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Hardwood Refinishing & Repairing in Bay Shore, Brookhaven, Selden, Smithtown, Stony Brook, Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

Hardwood floors represent an investment in the beauty and comfort of your home that you will appreciate for years.

We can help you rediscover the beauty of existing floors that have suffered neglect, damage, or normal wear and tear over the years.

If you’d like an updated look to your existing wood floors, we can perform:

  • stripping hardwood floors
  • sanding hardwood floors
  • refinishing hardwood floors
  • cleaning and polishing wood floors

Refinishing services that add beauty and value to your hardwood floors.

With routine maintenance, a wood floor may occasionally need a new coat of finish. Often, deep scratches or worn spots are created due to high levels of foot traffic. This results in the need to have the floor sanded to the bare wood. We are trained professionals that know how to use wood resurfacing techniques to bring those tired hardwood floors back to excellence.

Hardwood floor refinishing begins with sanding down to the bare wood removing scratches, dents, and of course the old stain and finish. Then you pick a stain color. You can even request a special blend of stain just for your hardwood floors. The last step is choosing a finish sheen. Just like paint, there is satin, gloss, or a high-gloss finish to protect your hardwood floors and make them shine.

Wood Floor Refinishing options:

  • Oil Based Polyurethane Wood Floor Finishes –  We can refinish your wood floors with the most durable oil-based protective polyurethanes.
  • Water Based Polyurethane Wood Floor Finishes – Today’s water-based finishes for hardwood floors are tough as nails and hold up as well as oil finishes.

We can refinish your wood floors with the most durable protective polyurethanes. With routine maintenance, a wood floor may occasionally need a new coat of finish. Often, deep scratches or worn spots develop from very heavy wear or an item being dropped . Sometimes, this results in the need to have the floor sanded to the bare wood. Many professionals recommend to sand and refinish wood floors routinely every few decades.

Hardwood Floor Repair

The effects of aging on hardwood are inevitable.

If you accept this fact, it will help you appreciate the character of an older floor. Distressing (the random scratches caused by day-to-day use) and fading are natural, and if they are not excessive, they can add to the appeal of your floor. Some problems though, such as broken boards and flaking finishes, can detract from this appeal. If you need to replace a few boards or completely refinish your floors, contact First Class Wood Flooring today.

Some common hardwood floor problems and solutions:

Split or Cracked Wood Floors
Over the years, many hardwood floors develop small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood. These can be spot repaired with some angled nails to secure the two pieces together, along with some wood putty to hide the blemishes. If your floor is suffering from large cracks, however, you might want to think about refinishing the floor. And if the split is particularly bad, you should probably replace the damaged plank altogether.

Gaps in the Planks

Another common hardwood floor malady is the development of gaps between planks. The most common causes of gaps between the boards is Mother Nature. Wood shrinks as it dries out and expands when it gets wet and humid. That regular expansion and contraction over time is the most common cause of gaps, and is the main reason why most gaps are seasonal in nature. The natural process of things will tend to close gaps as the weather and humidity changes. As a rule, if the gap is less than the thickness of a dime, your flooring is normal and there’s nothing to worry about. If your gaps are more persistent, you might need to call us to tighten up your hardwood floor so that they cease to be a problem.

Buckling Floor Boards
A buckled floor happens when the boards warp and lift up from the subfloor that they are attached to. You’ll most likely need to call in our installers to identify the root of the problem if buckling is an issue. Once the cause of your buckling has been identified, we take the necessary measures to ensure that your hardwood planks are firmly attached to the subfloor so that the problem no longer persists.

Reviewer: Amanda D.
Reviewer Location: New York

First Class Wood Flooring is an amazing company. They are friendly, patient, knowledgeable, hard working and willing to go above and beyond. First Class was the second choice Home Advisor sent me, which was the first mistake. They should have been first. I contacted the company and more often than not, spoke with Rebecca, who helped me out tremendously. She taught me the differences between the many different types of flooring, some of which I didn’t even know existed. Due to some errors at my bank, my closung kept getting pushed back, so I was unable to schedule a date to have the work done. However, once the closing occurred, Chris was not only able to tell me what type of flooring was in my best interest, but able to get me an estimate quickly, because I was able to choose what I wanted immediately. Chris and his 2 workers spent their first day working very hard. After tearing up the old carpeting and padding in the living room and two bedroom, the ceramic tiled entranceway and molding had to be removed. Then they laid out the vinyl planked flooring that looks like hardwood. They completed all of that in one day! They returned the following day to put up new molding around the entire home. Chris and his workers were friendly, professional and hard working. I plan on having them return to do my kitchen floors, so Rebecca has already helped me pick out the flooring I’m going to use and Chris already took measurement and gave me an estimate. Unfortunately, Chris said that the floor had to be done last. I hope I can speak with them again soon. This company does amazing and “First Class” work.


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