Laminate Floor Installation in Smithtown, East Setauket, NY, Bay Shore and Nearby Cities

Laminate floor installation is a type of composite flooring that is made of synthetic materials. The basis of flooring is made up of a plywood or fibreboard core layer. For increased protection and insulation, a backing layer or underlayment may be put to the bottom of this core layer. The image layer, a printed, high-resolution image of genuine wood, stone, or another material is placed on top of the core layer. Finally, to shield the bottom layers from damage, a thin and transparent wear layer made of plastic is placed.

Let us find out why the laminate floor installation is a better option:Laminate Floor installation done by a worker in blood orange in Smithtown


The majority of people are familiar with laminate flooring because of its low cost. Laminate flooring is far less expensive than natural wood, which can be fairly expensive depending on how exotic the tree is because it is comprised largely of composite wood pressed together at high temperatures.

Maintenance is simple

Laminate flooring is simple to maintain. Spills and markings can be easily wiped away using a soft microfiber cloth, while dirt and dust can be easily swept or vacuumed away.

Installation is simple

Laminate flooring is a form of floating floor that often has a simple lock-together system that is very straightforward to use, allowing for DIY installation.

High resiliency

The composite wood material of laminate flooring is not only durable but the top layer of laminate also has excellent scratch resistance. The top layer of laminate floorboards can withstand heavy traffic, loud children, and pet claws. UV resistance also means that the color of your floors will last longer.

First Class Wood Flooring can bring the natural beauty and durability of wood floors to your home or business. You may enjoy new hardwood flooring with expert installation whether you live in Smithtown, East Setauket, NY, Bay Shore, NY, Brookhaven, NY, West Sayville, and Mt. Sinai, NY. We are also qualified laminate and engineered hardwood installers.