Hardwood, Laminate, & Solid Wood Flooring Installations and services in the Miller Place & Bayshore, NY areas

Wood flooring is the preferred choice of many because of its natural warmth, richness and beauty. First Class Wood Flooring supplies and installs flooring products throughout Bay Shore NY, East Setauket NY, Miller Place NY and Stony Brook. They can help you with wood flooring that is clean, attractive and just right for your home. Word flooring is not only attractive; it is practical as well. Wood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. It is also durable and will last for many years. There are also many options when it comes to style and design.

One of the main choices you need to make is between engineered hardwood and laminate. Engineered hardwood is made from real hardwood planks and is finished with a veneer layer that is applied to the top surface of the core wood. The veneer layer protects the hardwood from scratches, heat and moisture. This makes it a more stable and versatile flooring solution. One such finish is Trek Plus Wood Finishing. It gives the hardwood a beautiful finish and provides protection and greater durability.

Laminate floors can mimic the look of other natural floors such as hardwood, tile, ceramic and stone. Laminate flooring consists of four layers – a wear layer, a design or photographic layer, a core and a backing. The wear layer protects the flooring from everyday use and covers the design layer. The design layer is a photographic image of some other material such as hardwood or ceramic tile. You can install laminate in any room, form bathrooms to bedrooms, from living rooms to studies, from ketches to basements – there no restrictions. Although not the real thing, laminate does a great job of imitating the real thing. It is cheaper than hardwood or ceramic tile, but is still strong and durable.

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