Vinyl Flooring in West Sayville, Oakdale, NY, Mattituck and all of the Nearby Cities

More and more homeowners are paying attention to the flooring in their houses. They have become conscious of the variety of styles available in the market. While each has its own benefits, vinyl flooring is easy to install, long-lasting, and also easy to maintain. First Class Wood Flooring Co. is here with our plethora of options. Founded in the year 1998, we have been providing top-quality flooring to our customers for over two decades now. With us, you will get a broad palette of options and quite realistic-looking wood grains that will immediately lift the look of your entire room. The people of West Sayville, Oakdale, NY, and Mattituck trust our services as we provide natural beauty when it comes to wood floors which enhances the look of their houses as well as offices. Our team of designers and installers are quite adept at export installation, provides you a seamless work, and leaves no room for complaints.

Below we have mentioned 3 common types of finishing in vinyl flooring available with us. Take a look.Vinyl  Flooring in Mattituck, Oakdale, NY, or West Sayville,

  1. Vinyl no-wax finish

This variety of vinyl flooring is the lightest option available and is perfectly fitted for areas that get minimal exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture, and also has light foot traffic.

  1. Urethane finish

In this type of flooring, the finish is heavier and can withstand a moderate amount of foot traffic. Also, these are resistant to scuffing, easier to clean, and hence make this option much more durable.

  1. Enhanced urethane finish

This option is perfect for places that receive the heaviest foot traffic. As this type of flooring is highly resistant to scuffing and scratches and stains it enjoys a long-lasting luster without constant care.

So, if you have any queries about vinyl flooring, you can get in touch with us at (631) 737-1197.