Laminate Floor Installations in Smithtown, Bay Shore, NY, Mt. Sinai, NY and Surrounding Areas

Do you need floors in your rooms that are easy to clean and maintain? Are you looking for floors that are quick to install? Let us, at First Class Wood Flooring Co., help you out with all your flooring requirements.  Have you tried our laminate floors? We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technicians who know all the technical know-how when it comes to laminate floor installations. They will provide you with the type of installation that you need and will also advise you on which is the best product suited for your house. The people of Smithtown, Bay Shore, NY, Stony Brook, West Sayville, Millers Place, NY, and Mt. Sinai, NY trust our service due to the commitment and dedication of our installation and designing team.

Below we have mentioned a few essential points to keep in mind while installing laminate flooring. Take a look.laminate flooring installation in a ornamental room in millers place NY

  • Measure the room

While installing any kind of flooring it is always beneficial to measure the room beforehand and then add 5% to it to keep provision for wastes and mistakes. Make sure to leave a gap of a few inches around the perimeter of the room for the flooring to expand.

  • Acclimate the floor

This process roughly takes 48 hours. Here you have to bring all the packages of flooring into the room and distribute the loose planks around in short piles. This not only helps stabilize the floor to the ambient humidity in your room but also gives you an opportunity to inspect whether there are any damages in the planks.

  • Prep the door frame

Make sure to prep your draw frame while installing the flooring earlier than trying to cut the laminate into the shape to fill the molding. This is not only going to damage the blanks but also you will not get a good fit in the flooring.

So, if you are looking for a professional to install laminate flooring in your rooms, you can get in touch with us at (631) 737- 1197.