Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Bay Shore NY, Smithtown, Suffolk County, and all the Surrounding Areas

Hardwood floors are beautiful but without regular care and maintenance, several factors like sunlight exposure, high foot-traffic, and climatic changes can take away its original luster and shine. Therefore, it needs a new coat of finish occasionally. We, at First Class Wood Flooring, can help you rediscover the timeless beauty of your hardwood floors with some of the greatest hardwood floor refinishing options. Being in the industry since 1998, we have received several accolades amongst our valuable clients for a promising service so far.  

But the question is how can you tell when you will need a refinishing? Here are a few signs that can help you. Take a look. 

  • Scratches on the Surface 

Over the course of time, your hardwood floors are bound to get scratches and stains. These are often deep and quite unpleasant to look at amidst your properly done interiors. This is when you should understand that you need to refinish your floors.  

  • Gray Patches 

Do you have gray patches on your hardwood floors? These might have turned gray as the polyurethane might have been washed out leading to moisture absorption. If neglected, this can turn your floors black and require complete replacement. So, this is one big sign that you need to refinish your floors.  

  • Sun-damaged Discoloration 

Exposure to the sun can bring down a huge damage on the hardwood floors owing to the presence of the Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sun-damaged floors can look discolored and an ill-fit in your home décor. This problem needs to be addressed soon, and refinishing can not only bring back the colors to your hardwood floor but also bolster the resistance against UV light.  

So, without any further delay, quickly resort to us for your refinishing options, if you live in areas likeBay Shore NY, Miller Place NY, Mt Sinai NY, Smithtown, and Suffolk County. Call us at (631) 737-1197 for a free estimate now.