Hardwood Floor Installation and Laminate Flooring in Bay Shore, Mt. Sinai NY, and Surrounding Areas

When was the last time you changed your home’s floorboards? What? You didn’t change it ever since you have built it? If yes, then you need to immediately replace them as soon as possible. Changing the floorboards is absolutely needed if you want to increase the value of your home, as well as its appeal. Hence, if you haven’t changed them till date, please do it as soon as possible. If you are living in and around areas like Bay Shore NY, East Setauket NY, Miller Place NY, Mt Sinai NY or Stony Brook, then you wouldn’t find it difficult to find a company that is popular for hardwood floor installation. But, if you want to choose a company that has quite a lot of experience in doing this task, then always choose us, the First Class Wood Flooring Inc. We have been helping people install floors for the past 19 years.

There are many people who think that we, First Class Wood Flooring Inc, just excel at installing wooden floors because we have the term ‘Wood’ in our company’s name. But, we install vinyl and laminate floors as well. So, this basically, indicates at our versatility.

Here are a couple of other reasons why people choose us other the others. Take a look.

  • We Can Refurbish– If you are thinking that our company only provides floor installation service, then you are mistaken. We can also help you refurbish your existing wooden floors. Some of the things we can perform include:


  • Stripping Hardwood Floors
  • Sanding Hardwood Floors
  • Refinishing Hardwood Floors
  • Cleaning and Polishing Wood Floors


  • We Can Repair – Is your home’s wooden floor damaged? Want to get it repaired? Then, come to us. Yes, we provide repairing service too. So, whether the wooden floors have big/small cracks and splits, or there are gaps in the planks, contact us immediately by calling at (631) 737-1197.

To know more about us, check our website thoroughly.

Hardwood Floor Installation and Laminate Flooring in Bay Shore and Mt. Sinai NY. Offering Engineered Wood Flooring, Solid Wood Flooring in Miller Place & Stony Brook NY.