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5 maintenance tips for hardwood floors 

Maintaining hardwood floors is essential to preserve their beauty and longevity. First Class Wood Flooring provides hardwood floor installation in Stony Brook, Oakdale, Suffolk County, Smithtown, Miller Place, NY, West Babylon. 

Here are five maintenance tips to keep your hardwood floors in excellent condition: Hardwood Flooring installation in East Hampton, Huntington NY, Sayville

  • Regular Cleaning: Sweep or vacuum your hardwood floors on a daily or weekly basis to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can scratch the surface. Use a soft-bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment to avoid damaging the wood. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with beater bars, as they can leave scratches. 
  • Avoid Excess Moisture: Water and excessive moisture can harm hardwood floors by causing warping, swelling, or discoloration. Wipe up spills immediately using a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using wet mops, steam cleaners, or excessive amounts of water for cleaning. Instead, use a damp mop or a specialized hardwood floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • Protect from Scratches: Prevent scratches and dents by placing felt pads or protective mats under furniture legs and heavy objects. These pads act as a cushion and prevent direct contact between the furniture and the floor. Avoid dragging or sliding furniture across the floor, as it can leave visible marks. 
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning your hardwood floors, avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or wax-based products. These substances can damage the finish or leave a residue that dulls the floor’s appearance. Instead, opt for pH-neutral cleaners specifically designed for hardwood floors. 
  • Regular Maintenance: To maintain the shine and luster of your hardwood floors, consider periodic maintenance tasks. This may include applying a fresh coat of finish or wax as recommended by the manufacturer. This will help protect the wood and keep it looking its best. 

Remember to always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific hardwood floor type, as different finishes and wood species may have unique care requirements. By following these maintenance tips, you can help ensure the long-term beauty and durability of your hardwood floors. Please feel free to call us.